Let me guess, you were trying to click on a video of a cat chasing a laser pointer and you wound up here by accident. Well your mistake is my infinitesimal gain in the internet ratings game. (Watch out Google, here I come!) Since you’re here, I might as well explain what ‘here’ is and who ‘I’ am. This is Feherty.com a somewhat ridiculous waste of ones and zeroes devoted to me, the causes I care about, and the game I love despite the fact that it takes itself way to seriously.According to my birth certificate my name is William David Feherty, but that’s only because my father was so hammered when he was filling out the forms he swapped the first and middle names my parents had agreed upon. (I believe my destiny to become an alcoholic was sealed right there.) I grew up in Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland dreaming of becoming an opera singer but realized I could hit a golf ball better than I could hit a high C, so I quit school at the age of sixteen to become a professional golfer. Looking back it might have been a good idea for me to wait until I was at least a halfway-decent player, but that’s just water under the Swilcan Bridge now.

I had moderate success on both the European and PGA Tours and helped lead the European team to a second place finish at the 1991 Ryder Cup at Kiawah Island. (Yes, there were only two teams competing, but it sounds better that way, n’est pas?) I have also worked as an analyst, commentator, author, raconteur, columnist, bipolar alcoholic, and addict. The last two aren’t technically ‘jobs’ but I was just too successful at them to consider myself an amateur and by declaring them as careers there are certain tax benefits.

The New York Times once referred to me as “a cross between Johnny Carson and Oprah Winfrey” which I think means I enjoy watching tennis and refuse to marry Stedman. But that’s good because I’m already married to Anita, an amazing woman who is way out of my league, but please don’t tell her that. So now you know. Look around the site, watch some videos, find out what it’s like to be inside my twisted mind, but please remember to keep quiet and refrain from laughing. This is golf we’re talking about. It’s very serious business.

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