Troops First

Feherty’s Troops First allows me to feel as if I am making a difference in just a few of the most important, yet least appreciated people in America. -David Feherty

Co-founded in 2008 by Golf Channel broadcaster David Feherty and Rick Kell, Feherty’s Troops First Foundation is a nonprofit that works to provide meaningful assistance to United States military service members and their families. Troops First Foundation offers programs and specialized events that address relationship building, mentoring, reintegration and looking forward.


Leroy Petry Village of Honor – A transitional housing program consisting of seven single family, fully accessible homes in Riverdale, Maryland, not far from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. These homes will be available for a one to two year period to Warriors and their families who are transitioning out of the military after injuries sustained in combat.

Operation Proper Exit – A unique initiative designed for Wounded Warfighters who are thriving in recovery and are capable of returning to theater. This program itinerary stages meet-and-greet opportunities with currently deployed troops as well as battlefield circulation returning the Warriors in many cases to the site where they were injured. Because of the sense of brotherhood inherent in today’s military, this program not only provides a measure of closure but also a critical exchange of experiential information from the Wounded Warfighter’s perspective to the Warfighter currently deployed downrange. Additionally, it offers a unique opportunity for the returning Warriors to witness firsthand the progress in Iraq or Afghanistan that they, through their tremendous sacrifice, helped bring about.

Warrior Call – Aimed at encouraging service members to reach out to fellow “battle buddies” in hopes that reconnecting will facilitate honest dialogue, create a desire to stay in contact, and for some Warriors help define a viable pathway forward. Service members are asked to take the Warrior Pledge, a promise to among other things “make a call, take a call and be honest.” It also calls on Americans citizens to make their own “Civilian Pledge” to create awareness of the initiative among service members, active and retired, within their community.

24/7 Battle Buddies – A service dog program that matches canines to assist wounded military Veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Each 24/7 Battle Buddy is carefully selected for their partner. The training is then specific to the Warrior’s needs and intended to assist in successfully navigating everyday life.